fun in the dirt

thursday, october 16, 2008

recently, i found a great deal on a 4-wheeler for gauge. it is a 50cc bombardier. since skyler already has a dirt bike and now gauge has something to ride i have been trying to take them out riding as often as possible. we have access to a large open field nearby -less than 2 miles from the house- that we going riding in.
skyler and gauge riding in the field

it is very convenient for the days when you just want to go out and ride for a little bit and them come back. free time is very limited these days as tiffany and i are both taking classes and i work full-time. so any time i can get out in the dirt and go riding with the boys is time well spent.
skyler, me and gauge riding in the field

skyler is getting pretty good on his motorcycle and always gets excited about going to ride. he is getting more comfortable going a variety of terrain. i remember the first or second time went riding and he drove straight into the ditch full of water. it took him few more sessions to recover from the trauma of that day.
skyler riding in the field

gauge had a couple of issues at first controlling the 4-wheeler. because the footprint of the front wheels is fairly wide for him, he really had to use his upper body strength to turn it. now he jams all over the place like he has been riding for months.
gauge riding in the field

it is difficult for me to put into words how much i actually enjoy being out there with them. even though i don't currently have anything to ride, they are always happy to share. they like me to ride with them, or be the first to test out some new terrain for them.
noah riding in the field

sometimes, i just hang out and watch them. it is cool to see their personalities come out as they go speeding across the field with larger than life smiles on their faces.

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born to rock

tuesday, april 29, 2008

skyler pictured here celebrating his 10th birthday with his new rockband setup for xbox 360. skyler on vocals, gauge on drums and their friend roman on lead guitar (slightly out of the picture). it was a pretty rocking party and the kids thoroughly enjoyed jamming out to many of the songs that were around before i was born.
skyler, gauge and roman playing rockband

pictured here are me and skyler taking his birthday motorcycle for a spin. this thing is pretty awesome. it is a honda cr-f70. a great bike for him to start out on and a cool little toy for me to pop wheelies on (if he decides to let me ride it by myself).me and skyler taking a spin on his new motorcycle


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fenced in

obviously, it has been some time since i last posted. i thought i would put together a quick entry to show one the projects i have been working on. left side of houseit is not programming project; but a home improvement project. after driving all around the neighborhood and researching online, i finally decided what kind of fence i wanted to build along the sides of my house. i really liked the idea of cedar. it is durable, it smells good and it is naturally resistant to insects.

right side of housei also didn't really want knots. they are not horrible, but given the choice i preferred to get boards without. while i like the idea of a privacy fence i did not want a 6 or 8 foot fence blocking all of the light that comes in my yard. i decided on a 4 foot fence with decorative caps. i also chose to accent the top with fascia and a cap along the top. the pictures here really don't do the fence justice. i am very proud of it and can now keep the dog in the back yard.


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flash your friends

friday, july 20, 2007

foundation flash - david stiller david stiller (quip) has co-authored a book. i felt like it was my duty as a friend to help promote it. i pre-ordered my copy a few weeks before it was released and received my order quickly after release. so, if you are into flash or just want to show your support, go get your copy today. if you buy online use this link foundation flash cs3 for designers. even though i have not read it yet, i look forward to doing so and expect it to be great. don't hesistate; go get a copy because i said so.



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once in a while

thursday, july 05, 2007

every now and then i will jump on the technology bandwagon and buy the first version of some new piece of hardware. the iphone was one of those times. i was anticipating the release of this sweet device since i first watched the the keynote. fortunately, i had plenty of time to contemplate purchasing the device or waiting for a later release.

i feel like i made an informed decision. by the time it was ready for purchase i already most of what it could and could not do. while i think $600 is way more than a phone should cost, i also think to stay on the leading edge and have the newest stuff you are going to pay a premium (that's my excuse).

here is a list things that are good and bad about the phone. for any iphone junkies about there, most of this will be old news. for the rest of you, you might learn something.

- visual voicemail (see a list of each voice mail and choose the one you want)
- built in google maps with squench zoom features
- pop3 / imap mail client access
- very intuitive contact management features.
- full blown safari web browser
- nice ipod interface

- no gps. this would be a great addition for the google maps.
- no external storage (mini sd, micro sd, cf, etc.)
- edge only, no 3g network. when browsing the web or google maps you can see why higher speed would be nice.
- no sms multicast. for the life of me i cannot figure out how to send a text message to more than one recipient.

the list of features above is not complete but points out items that i specifically like or dislike about the phone. i am still looking for a nice case for it. i am scared i am gonna drop it. i want a case that doesn't completely ruin the appeal of the streamlined look of the phone.


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today is your birthday

tuesday, january 16, 2007

on this day, some 38 years ago my brother made his way into this world. whenever we talk it is a constant reminder of how time goes by in life very quickly. one day you are six years old riding your bike and the next thing you know you are teaching your six year old how to ride a bike. we don't talk nearly as often as we should. it is always nice to touch base and see how things are going on the opposite side of the us. which reminds me... ...i need to call and tell you, "happy birthday, bro".



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welcome to the circus

monday, november 27, 2006

more than i can handle? the holiday season is upon us and the added stress is reason enough to write about it. this is a particularly busy time of year for many people and the dicensos are no exception. in addition to the normal chaos associated with halloween, followed by thanksgiving, followed by christmas, followed by the new year, we are lucky enough to have a slew of family birdthay parties and school/work schedules that conflict with just about everything.

juggle this!it is certainly a juggling act and one i am proud to have not lost all of my hair over, yet! over time i would like to be able to relax a little more during the holidays. maybe take a 2 week vacation to europe or something. luckily, tiffany will have christmas off this year. which means she will have to work next year.


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